Aluminium Enclosures

Aluminium Enclosures

B&R Enclosures manufacture a range of aluminium enclosures designed to provide a cost effective, corrosion resistant and light weight solution.

The use of aluminium puts these enclosures somewhere between steel and stainless for resistance to chloride attack, a significant cause of corrosion in Australia.

However the advantage of aluminium also lies with it being light weight. This means that these enclosures can often be lifted without mechanical aids, making them ideal for remote applications. This has been further enhanced with a removable back that is bolted from the inside reducing the chance of vandalism while still allowing full access.

This aluminium is then powdercoated in accordance with our specification.

Aluminium is often requested for its heat transfer characteristics. However, it should be noted that in most applications enclosures operate in a steady state condition (where the heat in balances the heat out). In this case the aluminium material really doesn’t help and a better solution is to include sun shields or light paint colours to reflect solar radiation.

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