Data ICT

B&R manufactures a range of server racks, cabinets, networking and infrastructure for the data and ICT industry. This includes inset and corner post server racks for datacentre applications, weatherproof racks and a secure range of cabinets for government applications.
For the data market, B&R has a comprehensive, experienced team that are always keen to help.

Data ICT Racks and Cabinets

Ausrack onyX Range

A range of 19 inch wall and floor cabinets for use in data networking applications.

Ausrack CQr

B&R’s Class B and Class C 19 inch security cabinet solutions suitable for protecting equipment to the highest security standards.

Server Racks

Server racks and server cabinets for the Data and ICT industries suitable for 19 inch rack mounted equipment and more.

Air Flow Management

Airflow Products

Air Flow Management

A range of products to support management of data centre cooling efficiency.

Captive Plug

Captive Plug Ring

Captive Plug

B&R’s patented split captive plug ring design means easy removal of plugs without the hassle and waste of cutting power cords.

Telecommunication Cabinets

A range of enclosures designed for inside telephone exchanges to house standard telecommunication equipment & accessories.

Transmission Rack

Transmission Racks

Transmission Rack

Designed for installation in telephone exchanges to house standard telecommunications equipment & accessories. These racks are to be secured to a superstructure.

ETSI / Customer Cabinet

Customer Cabinets

ETSI / Customer Cabinet

A range of enclosures designed for installation of telecommunications equipment inside a customer’s premises.