Residential Commercial

The B&R residential and commercial range consists of meter boxes for all states, group metering enclosures and commercial metering enclosures.

Captive Plug

Captive Plug Ring

B&R’s patented split captive plug ring design means easy removal of plugs without the hassle and waste of cutting power cords.


Monarch SMB - CT Metering

CT Metering

Small main boards & CT chassis systems manufactured from 1.6mm zinc coated steel or 316 stainless steel made suitable for mounting of various transformers.


DIN Rail Cover

DIN Covers

An IP30, simple plastic cover for DIN rail control equipment including MCBs and RCDs.


DIN Rail Enclosures - Metal

DIN Rail Enclosures

A range of metal surface and flush mounted DIN rail loadcentres for residential commercial applications.


Home Networking

A range suitable for both fibre and copper lines, and surface or flush mounted, these enclosures are supplied complete with a double GPO and 8 port RJ45 Cat5 patch unit.


Metal Enclosure for Residential Commercial Applications

Metal Enclosures

A range of metal enclosures for general purpose metering requirements, suitable for use in internal and switchroom applications.


NZ Temporary Power

The NZ Temporary Power enclosure is an IP23 metering enclosure suitable for both single and multi-phase installations.


Ausrack Floor onyX

onyX Floor

Ausrack Lite is a light duty network cabinet designed for standalone installations in offices and data cupboards. It includes most of the accessories typically required for an installation.


Wall Rack - Ausrack Wall onyX

onyX Wall

A 19″ wall mount cabinet that is easy-to-install and provides maximum accessibility for maintenance.