Steel Enclosures

Steel Enclosures are manufactured in our Brisbane and Adelaide factories using state of the art technology and equipment.

The steel we use isn’t the normal ‘black’ steel but a higher matte, hot dipped, zinc iron alloy which we believe when combined with our chemical pretreatment and powdercoat finish offers the best possible corrosion protection and long enclosure life.

Steel enclosures are finished in the standard electrical industry colours of Pebble Grey (RAL7032) and White (Mist Blue).

The options below show you the range of steel enclosures available:

Ausrack CQr

B&R’s Class B and Class C 19 inch security cabinet solutions suitable for protecting equipment to the highest security standards.

Pilbara SP with Sunshades

An IP66, with sunshades designed for the most common mining, mineral processing and infrastructure projects.

Signature SE – Zinc Coated Steel

B&R’s range of IP43/IP55, type-tested, certified, switchboard building system for Low Voltage switchboards and motor control centres (MCC’s).

Signature Express

B&R’s Signature Express is an evolution of the existing Signature offer and is designed to help our customers win more business where lead times are of importance.

Telecommunication Cabinets

A range of enclosures designed for inside telephone exchanges to house standard telecommunication equipment & accessories.

Miner ME – Zinc Coated Steel

The Miner ME is designed to be used in underground for 1000 Volt applications. It’s made from 2mm thick steel with polyester paint to provide superior protection and visibility.

Ausrack IP

Ausrack IP – Zinc Coated Steel

Ausrack IP

An IP66, 19 inch cabinet system designed to protect sensitive network equipment from harsh environments where equipment is exposed to dust or water.

Home Networking Enclosure

Home Networking

Home Networking Enclosure

A range suitable for both fibre and copper lines, and surface or flush mounted, these enclosures are supplied complete with a double GPO and 8 port RJ45 Cat5 patch unit.