HID Well Glass Light

The well glass floodlight has an aluminium body and toughened glass cover to withstand the most challenging conditions.

Product Information


Suitable for use in chemical and petrochemical applications.


  • Allows for easy removal of glass compartment
  • Robust HID well glass light with single bolt open / close via rear hinge point

Technical Information

  • Protection Ratings
    Ex nR IIC T3 Gc
    Ex t IIIC T190ºC Db IP65
  • Ambient Temperature
    -60ºC ~ +55ºC
  • Rated Voltage
    AC 240V, 50Hz
  • Range
    BnD81 Series


  • Copper-free aluminium alloy
  • Transparent cover – Toughened glass, stands 4J impact
  • Powdercoated window grey RAL7040


  • Toughened glass diffuser
  • 1 x M25 x 1.5mm cable entries
  • Stainless steel fixings

Order Guide

Catalogue No.Watts (W)Height (mm)Width (mm)Lamp SourceMounting Type
WGA175MHCZ2*175W365235Metal HallideCeiling
WGA250MHCZ2*250W435300Metal HallideCeiling
WGA400MHCZ2*400W485300Metal HallideCeiling
WGA175MHWZ2*150W325345Metal HallideWall
WGA250MHWZ2*250W425470Metal HallideWall
WGA400MHWZ2*400W465490Metal HallideWall
WGA175MHP25Z2*150W365235Metal HallidePole 25ŒÁ
WGA250MHP25Z2*250W435300Metal HallidePole 25ŒÁ
WGA400MHP25Z2*400W485300Metal HallidePole 25ŒÁ
WGA175MHPZ2*150W340260Metal HallidePendant Pole
WGA250MHPZ2*250W410345Metal HallidePendant Pole
WGA400MHPZ2*400W460345Metal HallidePendant Pole
WGA150HSCZ2*175W365235High Pressure SodiumCeiling
WGA250HSCZ2*250W435300High Pressure SodiumCeiling
WGA400HSCZ2*400W485300High Pressure SodiumCeiling
WGA150HSWZ2*150W325345High Pressure SodiumWall
WGA250HSWZ2*250W425470High Pressure SodiumWall
WGA400HSWZ2*400W465490High Pressure SodiumWall
WGA150HSP25Z2*150W365235High Pressure SodiumPole 25ŒÁ
WGA250HSP25Z2*250W435300High Pressure SodiumPole 25ŒÁ
WGA400HSP25Z2*400W485300High Pressure SodiumPole 25ŒÁ
WGA150HSPZ2*150W340260High Pressure SodiumPendant Pole
WGA250HSPZ2*250W410345High Pressure SodiumPendant Pole
WGA400HSPZ2*400W460345High Pressure SodiumPendant Pole
WGA250MVCZ2*250W435300High Pressure MercuryCeiling
WGA400MVCZ2*400W485300High Pressure MercuryCeiling
WGA250MVWZ2*250W425470High Pressure MercuryWall
WGA400MVWZ2*400W465490High Pressure MercuryWall
WGA250MVP25Z2*250W435300High Pressure MercuryPole 25ŒÁ
WGA400MVP25Z2*400W485300High Pressure MercuryPole 25ŒÁ
WGA250MVPZ2*250W410345High Pressure MercuryPendant Pole
WGA400MVPZ2*400W460345High Pressure MercuryPendant Pole

* Available on Request