Network Metered PDUs (ES1000 Series)

Real-time metering and network monitoring of power loads for overload avoidance, capacity and load balancing and energy use optimisation.

Product Information


Distribution of power inside a data centre environment where a variety of different power connectors are required.


PDU Energy Metering and Monitoring

  • Power & energy metering and monitoring (V,A, VA, kWh, pf)
  • Input phase & circuit breaker metering
  • Embedded memory log to record/view/report historical data
  • User customisable alarm thresholds & notifications


  • Low profile, space saving design
  • Temperature stable, hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers
  • Colour-coded and locking IEC receptacles and locking power cord compatible
  • 3-digit LED display for current (A) and IP address display

Environmental & Security Management

  • Plug & play external environmental sensors
  • User customisable alarm thresholds and notifications

Network Management and Local Display Interface

  • Supported by Enlogic management software
  • Up to three (3) multi-user accounts
  • HTTP web access
  • SNMP v1, v2
  • RS-232 Serial communication
  • Telnet

Compliance Approvals

  • EN/IEC60950-1 Safety
  • CE approval
  • ROHS, WEEE environmental approvals

Order Guide

     Dimensions (mm) 
Catalogue No.Input CircuitMax PowerTotal OutletsLengthWidthDepthMax. chassis depth at breaker (mm)

PDU Brackets

  Product Information
No. of PDUsTo suit cabinet width (mm)Ausrack PlusAusrack TxDAusrack CQr