Universal PB

An IP66, weatherproof, highly robust distribution board system.

Product Information


The Universal PB is a weatherproof, highly robust distribution board system.

Based on the Universal NI enclosure series and features a unique and universal equipment fixing system that caters for the large variety and sizes of equipment available in the market today. Ideal for new distribution boards or updating an existing board where the chassis and main switch may still be functional.


  • IP66 protection rating – more info on IP ratings
  • Corrosion resistant hinges and removable doors
  • Easy access 120° opening door
  • Internal hinged escutcheon
  • Easy installation with top and bottom gland plates
  • Flat face sealing technology
  • Foamed in place polyurethane gasket


  • Top and bottom gland plates
  • Hinged escutcheon (fixed escutcheon on extension box)
  • Slotted universal equipment mounting rails
  • Schedule holder and identification card
  • Turnbuckle locks (chromed steel or 316 stainless steel)
  • Earth strap kit


  • Choice of materials
  • Gland plates top and bottom same material and thickness as the enclosure with other options available
  • Slotted universal mounting rails (2 x 46mm high and 1 x 121mm high, both 23mm deep)
  • Stainless steel hinges and hinge pins for easy door opening
  • Polyurethane Gasket (Foamed in place)
  • ASSDA approved N4 surface finish
  • Pebble grey (RAL7032) powdercoated paint finish on zinc coated steel

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Order Guide

Part NumberHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)CAD Blocks 


  • Rainhoods
  • Gland plates
  • Lock options
  • Escutcheon – fixed or hinged
  • Mounting base – 3mm galvanised steel
  • Wall mounting brackets
  • Equipment mounting rails – universal slotted
  • DIN rail mounting kit
  • Vent kit – external

Climate Control

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Lock Options


Catalogue No.TypeMaterialCommentsLock Insert TypeKeyImage
NI020TurnbuckleChromed SteelStandard7mm Square Chromed SteelSKZTurnbuckle Lock - 7mm square, chrome steel
NI020/PSTurnbucklePowdercoated with SS InsertStandard7mm Square Stainless SteelSKZTurnbuckle Lock - Powdercoated Steel with 7mm Square Stainless Steel Insert


Catalogue No.TypeMaterialCommentsLock Insert TypeKeyImage
NI020/STurnbuckleStainless SteelOption7mm Square Stainless SteelSKZTurnbuckle Lock - Stainless Steel with 7mm Square
NI030Wing Knob - LockableOptionKey Code 92268SK3Lockable Wing Knob - 92268 Key
NI030/CL001Wing Knob - LockableOptionKey Code CL001SK3Lockable Wing Knob - 92268 Key
NI030/L003Wing Knob - LockableOptionKey Code L003SK3Lockable Wing Knob - 92268 Key
NI111Wing Knob - Non-lockableOptionNon-lockable Wing Knob
NI040T Handle - LockableChromed SteelOptionKey Code 92268SK3T Handle Lockable - Chromed Steel 92268 Lock
NI050L Handle - LockableChromed SteelOptionKey Code 92268SK3L Handle Lockable - Chrome Steel Key 92268
NI052L Handle - PadlockableChromed SteelOptionPadlockL Handle - Padlockable, Chrome Steel
NI052/SL Handle - PadlockableStainless SteelOptionPadlockL Handle Padlockable - Stainless Steel
NI020/DCDust CapPlasticOptionDust Cap for NI locks
Inserts for Turnbuckle Locks - Optional
Catalogue No.ProductMaterialLock Insert TypeKey
LKINS3PInsertSteel3mm Double Bit PinSKZ
LKINS3P/SInsertStainless Steel3mm Double Bit PinSKZ
LKINS8SInsertSteel8mm SquareSK8
LKINS8S/SInsertStainless Steel8mm SquareSK8
LKINS8SS/SInsertStainless Steel8mm Square SlottedSK8
LKINS8TInsertSteel8mm TriangleSKZ
LKINS8T/SInsertStainless Steel8mm TriangleSKZ