Telecommunications Accessories

Accessories for telecoms transmission and customer cabinets.

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Designed for use in the telecommunications industry.


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Doors and General Telecommunications Accessories

Accessories available for installation into B&R Enclosures range of telecommunications cabinets including power distribution products, drawers, shelves, mounting and superstructure products and cable management.

Part NumberHeight (mm)DescriptionEnquiry
TLDG18*1800Glazed, acrylic, keyed lockEnquiry
TLDL18*1800Metal, louvered, keyed lockEnquiry
TLDM18*180063% perforated metal mesh, keyed lock with 2-point lockingEnquiry
TLDG22*2200Glazed, acrylic, keyed lockEnquiry
TLDL22*2200Metal, louvered, keyed lockEnquiry
TLDM22*220063% perforated metal mesh, keyed lock with 2-point lockingEnquiry

* Available on request

Superstructure Accessories for Transmission Racks


Kits to secure transmission enclosures to various superstructures in telephone exchanges.

Selection Chart

Part NumberDescriptionEnquiry
TEL-BRKTPAIRSUPRKit low superstructure mounting (300mm & 600mm deep TELCO racks)Enquiry
TEL-353/00798Kit high superstructure mountingEnquiry
TEL-LSB1MKit low superstructure mounting (1000mm deep Telco rack)Enquiry
TEL-BRKTNGNSUPERBracket NGN superstructure (pair)Enquiry
TEL-353/01021Kit adjustable feet and floor mountingEnquiry

Drawers and Shelves for Transmission Racks and Customer Cabinets


A wide variety of drawers and shelves to suit transmission racks and customer cabinets..

Selection Chart

Part NumberDescriptionEnquiry
TEL-353/01247Secure spare drawer with combination lock, 19/21″Enquiry
TEL-353/00579Shelf customer wide band, 19/21″Enquiry
TEL-353/01014Shelf heavy duty, 19/21″Enquiry
TEL-585/00253Slide tray optical fibre storage, 21″Enquiry
TEL-SHLFOFT19Slide tray optical fibre storage, 19″Enquiry
TEL-585/00321Slide tray optical fibre coupler, 21″Enquiry
TEL-585/00322Kit upgrade optical fibre storage tray to fibre coupler trayEnquiry

Power Distribution Products for the Telecommunications Exchange Environment


A range of accessories and equipment used for power distribution and to suit B&R telecommunications racks & cabinets. Used for 48V DC power distribution in telecommunications environments.

Selection Chart

Part NumberDescriptionEnquiry
TEL-353/007**Circuit Breaker E-T-A 3600-P10-ZI-Si5
** add into code for Amps: 1A=69, 2A=70, 4A=71, 6A=72, 8A=73, 10A=74, 16A=75
TLEBK02Earth Bonding Kit 535 L X 38.1 H X 4.76 DEnquiry
TLEBK03Earth Bonding Kit 535 L X 25.0 H X 3.0 DEnquiry
TEL-585/00343Power cable type 92 APDP input tail PP75Enquiry
TEL-585/00550Power connector set Anderson PP75Enquiry
TEL-585/00537240V dual GPO panel 21″/19″Enquiry
TEL-353/00580 240V single GPO panel 21″/19″Enquiry
TLCBL06PP75L**Cable set power 6mm² PP75 LOD (** various lengths)Enquiry
TLCBL16PP75L**Cable set power 16mm² PP75 LOD (** various lengths)Enquiry
TLCBL16SB175L**Cable set power 16mm² SB175 LOD (** various lengths)Enquiry
TLCBL25SB175L**Cable set power 25mm² SB175 LOD (** various lengths)Enquiry

Miscellaneous accessories for Transmission Racks and Customer Cabinets


A range of accessories for Transmission Racks and Customer Cabinets which varies from cage nuts and cable management systems to door alarm kits.

Selection Chart

Part NumberDescriptionEnquiry
TLKITDUCT1375Kit cable management duct for 1375 ETSI enclosureEnquiry
TLKITDUCT1800Kit cable management duct for 1800 ETSI enclosureEnquiry
TEL-905/01510Kit cable management duct for 2200 ETSI enclosureEnquiry
TEL-353/00716Kit of 100 M6 cage nuts and screwsEnquiry
TEL-353/00293Kit of six horizontal 19/21″ cable management barsEnquiry
TLKITDOORALARMKit door alarm for mesh doorEnquiry