Server Racks

Server Racks

Server Racks from B&R cover a huge variety of potential applications from data centre applications, a data cupboard or room in an office to industrial applications and cabinets for outside, exposed to the elements.

Data Centre Server Racks

Our Ausrack Plus range of Server Racks is designed for 19 inch equipment and to be installed in a Data Centre, or server room.  One of the features of the Ausrack Plus range is that it was designed with inset posts rather than corner posts (see Ausrack TxD below for corner posts). This makes cabling across the front of the server rack much easier, as there is no post in the way of a cable run.

  • Ausrack Plus Server - is a complete server cabinet including doors and side walls and with heights of 24, 40 and 45 RU
  • Ausrack Plus Frame - is the frame from the server cabinet above. This can then be configured with doors and sidewalls to suit your application. The frame is therefore particularly useful if you were looking for a bayed suite of cabinets.
  • Ausrack TxD - A versatile rack with 4 corner posts, suitable for 19 inch, 21 inch, 23 inch or 26 inch equipment.

For applications that need to house equipment sizes from 19 inch, 21 inch, 23 inch and 26 inch, for applications that require corner posts or even for applications that need a very large open area for cabling in the top or base of the server rack, the Ausrack TxD would be a great choice.

Ausrack TxD is available as a frame only or fully clad with side walls and doors.

Data Cupboard Server Racks

Data cupboards or smaller data rooms can use the same server racks as the datacentres above, but if you are looking for a great value option, Ausrack Floor Server onyX may be worth considering.

Ausrack Floor Server onyX is available in sizes of 42 and 47 RU and width of 600 and 800mm. It features concave mesh front door, split mesh rear doors and removable side panels along with many of the accessories that you would otherwise need to buy separately. These include: -

  • Fan tray
  • Fixed shelves (x3)
  • Power Rail - 10-way, Australian 3 pin
  • Adjustable feet and braked castor kit
  • 20 x cage nuts and screws with insertion / removal tool

Industrial Application Server Racks

Industrial applications for server racks often need a robust enclosure to protect from dust and often water. For this type of rack we would recommend our iLINQ range. These are IP55, multiple application, stand-alone enclosures in single or double door configurations.

iLINQ can be configured to include 19 inch rails suitable for server applications, active cooling, laptop lecterns etc.

For higher IP ratings, Ausrack IP can provide an IP66 server rack solution.

External Applications

For external applications and isolated environments, our Field FC is a great solution. It can be used for applications such as for ITS equipment and GPS receivers.

Field FC is IP66 rated for protection from dust and water. It is also vandal resistant and is available in sizes of 24RU, 31RU, 38RU and 45RU. Options are available in various materials including steel, 316 stainless steel and aluminium. There are also side panels available which include ventilation. All Field FC include a rain/sun shield for additional protection from the environment.