Steel Enclosures

B&R Enclosures uses steel materials designed to maximise the longevity of the enclosure. The careful selection of materials and finish has given us some of the longest lasting products available in the market, despite the arduous nature of the application. Zinc coated steel is used in our standard range of B&R branded products. This is a matte, hot dipped, zinc iron alloy which we believe when combined with our chemical pretreatment and powdercoat finish offers the best possible corrosion protection for our enclosures. This material is also used in products such as automotive panels, washing machines and commercial fridges and freezers. This material is then powdercoated in accordance with our specification. In our tests, this combination of zinc coated steel and powdercoat, significantly outperformed other materials in scratch tests. Other materials tended to have problems with the corrosion getting underneath the paint and eventually lifting it off. We did not see evidence of this with B&R's materials in a scratch and salt spray test. See All Steel Enclosures