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Ausrack IP - 316 Stainless Steel - 19 inch Weather and Dust Proof Rack

Ausrack IP – 316SS

A 19″ cabinet system designed to protect sensitive network equipment from harsh environments where equipment may be exposed to dust or water.


Ausrack Plus Server

Designed as a purpose built 19″ server cabinet. The Ausrack Plus Server features well thought out mounting options and excellent cross flow ventilation.


Home Networking

A range suitable for both fibre and copper lines, and surface or flush mounted, these enclosures are supplied complete with a double GPO and 8 port RJ45 Cat5 patch unit.


Ausrack Floor onyX

onyX Floor

Ausrack Lite is a light duty network cabinet designed for standalone installations in offices and data cupboards. It includes most of the accessories typically required for an installation.


Ausrack Floor Server onyX

onyX Floor Server

A range of floor standing cabinets for small networking applications with mesh doors and 10-way Australian 3-Pin power rail.


Wall Rack - Ausrack Wall onyX

onyX Wall

A 19″ wall mount cabinet that is easy-to-install and provides maximum accessibility for maintenance.