Networking & Server

A range of server racks and networking cabinets for the data centre, data room, data cupboard and small offices. These include racks up to 45RU high and 600 and 800mm wide. We also have a range of inset posts and corner post solutions to suit your cabling requirements.

Ausrack Wall Brackets

Light duty wall mount 19″ bracket. Suitable for applications where cabinet mounting is not practical and space is limited.

Ausrack TxD

Ausrack TxD

Ausrack TxD

A rack with 4 corner posts often used for Transmission & Data Applications in telecommunications exchange & data centre environments. For 19, 21, 23 or 26 inch equipment.

Ausrack Patch

A 2-post frame designed to provide a functional and cost effective solution where accessibility is a major requirement.

Ausrack Plus Frame

A 19 inch server rack frame that can be configured into suites & clad as per application requirements. The server rack features allow cable access across the front and rear of the rack.

Ausrack Plus Network

A 19 inch network cabinet combining versatility & strength with easy-to-use features. Accommodates medium to large passive patching networks & active communications equipment.

Ausrack Plus Server

Designed as a purpose built 19″ server cabinet. The Ausrack Plus Server features well thought out mounting options and excellent cross flow ventilation.

Server Rack - Ausrack Floor Server onyX

Ausrack Floor Server onyX

Server Rack - Ausrack Floor Server onyX

A range of floor standing cabinets for small networking applications with mesh doors and 10-way Australian 3-Pin power rail.