Industrial Enclosures designed for the rigours of mine sites and mineral processing. The range includes sloping roof enclosures to prevent build up of dust on the enclosure top.

Bowen BW

Bowen Series – 316SS

An IP66, special purpose, sloping roof enclosure with a 40° sloping roof and overhang for reduced material build up.


Finucane FI - 316SS

Finucane FI – 316SS

The Finucane FI enclosure and sun shield has been developed to meet the demands of the Australian environment and accommodate the requirements of the Pilbara Iron Ore projects.


Hedland PH - 316SS

Hedland PH – 316SS

A 15 degree sloping roof enclosures for electrical and electronic control equipment in rugged, dusty industrial applications.


Incline SR - B&R Sloping Roof Enclosure

Incline SR – 316SS

The Incline SR is a stainless steel IP66 enclosure for the mining and mineral processing industries. It features an innovative 30 degree sloping roof that reduces the build up of debris and waste material.


Lambert LB - 316SS

Lambert LB – 316SS

The Lambert LB is a 316 stainless steel, sun shaded enclosure designed for applications where the enclosure has a high risk of heating up due to excessive solar radiation.


Miner ME Enclosure

Miner ME – Zinc Coated Steel

The Miner ME is designed to be used in underground for 1000 Volt applications. It’s made from 2mm thick steel with polyester paint to provide superior protection and visibility.


Pilbara SP

Pilbara SP

The Pilbara SP is an IP66 enclosure for the mining and mineral processing industries. Developed to withstand the harsh environments of the Pilbara, it features a 30 degree sloping roof.